The Solid Earth Geochemistry Lab at Harvard's Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences conducts geochemistry research exploring the solid earth geochemical cycle, petrology, volcanology, ocean ridges, convergent margins, ocean islands, hydrothermal geochemistry and the composition and evolution of the earth's mantle.  Solid Earth geochemstry is part of the reserach objectives of the groups of Stein Jacobsen, Rebecca Fischer, and Roger Fu.  This website presents the reseaech of the Langmuir group.

Charles Langmuir

Principal Investigator

Charles Langmiur

Higgins Professor of Geochemistry
Director of Mineralogical and Geological Museum at Harvard University

Charles Langmuir is a solid Earth geochemist who carries out reserach on diveres aspects of the plate tectonic geochemical cycle, including ocean ridges, convergent margins and intraplate volcanism.

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Our outreach includes developing new techniques and approaches for laboratory and sea-going science, data bases, and communication of the importance of Earth science for addressing societal problems.  

Laboratory developments include the develpment and first use of the wax coring technique, originating the PetDB database, helping to found the journal G-Cubed, and working to communicate the wonders and importance of Earth Science to the college undergraduate and the general public.

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view from ship into ocean

Researchers on ship


Teaching includes a general course for undergradutes that is accessible both to beginning Earth scientists and the non-science major, a course in my specialty of igneous petrolgy, and a newly developed inter-disciplinary course on ocean ridges and the earth system.  This latter course often has led to students later participating in research cruises.

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