We carry our field projects on land and use ships at sea with the aim of finding "natural experiments" that reveal how the Earth works. Samples collected in the field are processed and analyzed in our chemical laboratories,, and then interpreted as quantatively as possible, making use of the tools of geochemistry to understand Earth's processes and the role they serve in planetary habitability.


Global GeoChemical Cycles

This project explores big questions, such as why Earth has almost exactly the right amount of water to fill the ocean basins, or how much water and carbon dioxide at the surface have changed over Earth's history.

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Volcano Ocean Ice Climate Experiment

In this project we explore the linkages between ice age cycles, volcanism and the carbon cycle. We have found that volcanoes become three to five times more active during melting of ice sheets, and the increased carbon they emit to the atmosphere influences how quickly Earth transitions from frigid glacial to the more mild interglacial, such as we are now experiencing.

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